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Well that was fun, not. I’ve just spent the entire evening copying virtual machines between these two drives because the left one decide 2.6 years was enough.  Lucky Linux is smart and gives you enough warning to buy a replacement drive. Though unfortunately my exchange database store became corrupt during the fault and I’ve had …

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I love my family stickers

I applied my family stickers on Saturday of the long weekend, don’t they look awesome!

Website / Email Downtime 8am~12 WAST (+8)

UPDATE: Work completed successfully. Just thought I would post that the website will be down from 8.00am Western Australia (Perth) Standard Time (+8 GMT) until 12.00pm. Due to some electrical work at my house.  Getting a decicated circuit for server and comms, as well a new fuse box and safety switches. This will affect the …

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Happy Birthday To Me

31, wow, where does the years go. This is what the guys at work got up to for my birthday.  Yep, not a great shot.  It also doesn’t show my keyboard being wrapped in glad wrap and my phone handset wrapped in tin foil & plastic packing tape.  Fortunately a box cutter and a couple …

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