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What happens when you leave word press app on a company iPad with your blog signed up.

Hi all. Be careful when you leave an iPad around the office with word press app loaded. Someone might start posting random blogs about boring subjects like this on it. Go to 🙂

Real Reasons Why The iPhone is Gay

May be just my opinion but The iPhone Hipe, it not a phone like every other mobile device out there. Everyone with one must call it an iPhone. Built in battery (burried deep into the guts of the phone, which makes it hard for an expert to release) No removable media, very handy sometimes.  Plus …

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Why is the iPhone/iTunes so gay?

Seriously . . .. I formatted my desktop computer a number of months ago.   Then a couple of weeks ago I brought my wife a sports iPod/iPhone arm band holder.  So I needed to load her 16GB up with music.  Something I haven’t done yet to date.  I had iTunes installed on the previous format …

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