April 2010 archive

HTC Desire for Early Release on Telstra

Thought I’d post this in case google picks it up before it finds it on a news website. I walked into a [T]life Telstra shop this afternoon. I’ve been their favorite customer the past couple of weeks. Speaking to the guys there, they’ve mentioned that they are going for early release. There are stock in …

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Why is the iPhone/iTunes so gay?

Seriously . . .. I formatted my desktop computer a number of months ago.   Then a couple of weeks ago I brought my wife a sports iPod/iPhone arm band holder.  So I needed to load her 16GB up with music.  Something I haven’t done yet to date.  I had iTunes installed on the previous format …

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HTC Desire Is Coming (27th May)

I’ve been in the market for a new mobile since December, when I ran out of contract. But ever since the Nexus One was released in US, I knew I had to wait until a android phone was released on the Telstra network here in Perth. Being Telstra, I figured I’d be waiting forever. I …

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