March 2011 archive

Setup a Cisco Router with POTS on Amnet ADSL

Lanchbury Cisco Layout on Temperary 800 Series Router

I recently posted a Cisco config on a bridge mode ADSL2+ modem.  Well as I’m a IT Consultant, I get my hands on a fair bit of hardware.  Well this weekend I’ve had a unit that needed testing, as it was failing to transfer data across it’s ADSL link.  Fortunately for me it wasn’t faulty, …

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I love my family stickers

I applied my family stickers on Saturday of the long weekend, don’t they look awesome!

Setup a Cisco Router on Amnet ADSL (Bridge Mode)

Here something I’ve been playing a lot with at the moment, I have learnt to love the Cisco iOS. I feel it’s setup better than linux (keeping in mind linux is built on hundreds of seperate programs) At the bottom is the config I used / am using. But first I will explain what hardware …

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