May 2016 archive

ncftp & ghettovcb Working Together

I’m a bit chuffed with my scripting efforts in ESXi, so I thought I would share, I hope someone else might find this useful. To give a bit of background, I run a VMWare Hypervisor ESXi server, it’s only a free license version single host, so most of the backup software doesn’t work that you …

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Squeezing A Automanaged Drive

So I run MythTV, and when I rebuild/transferred all my recordings to my new server I gave it an extra 0.3TB space, giving it a total of 1.3TB. Well a few months on I’m regretting my decision. So looking into deleting recordings, and then freeing the space seemed like a massive job, so instead I’ve …

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Windows 10 Connections Menu (too many VPN’s hiding Wifi’s)

Working in IT I have a lot of VPN’s and it’s been driving me crazy the way Windows 10 handles the connection menu. The reason I went to the menu was to connect my laptop to the internet, not select a VPN that wouldn’t even work. The below isn’t quite as I wanted, but the …

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Microsoft Exchange – Your mailbox appears to be unavailable

This just helped me out, so I thought it was worth noting Error message: Your mailbox appears to be unavailable. Try to access it again in 10 seconds. If you see this error again, contact your helpdesk. Test-ServiceHealth | Select ServicesNotRunning | foreach { Start-Service $_.ServicesNotRunning }