March 2013 archive

Channel 7 Perth Reception Problem

Absolutely no way! My MythTV server has been running for 5 years perfectly. I gave it a de-dust and rewired a couple of drives on the weekend, and then channel 7 was gone. Figuring it had to be something I’ve done, I shutdown, reseated the tuners, confirmed wiring connections, removed tv surge protector and still …

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Create An Anonymous FTP Upload Server

This is the point where I would normally explain what to do, but this guy has done such a good job I thought I should give credit where due. See his page at

Dropbox As A Service

Dropbox, what a great service. Mobile support, multiple OS support (Linux, Windows, Mac), unlimited previous versions, LAN sync to save internet bandwidth. Pretty much everything, but what if I’ve got a server that I want to leave logged in, or can’t. Well Dropbox you’ve let me down in a big area now, or have you? …

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