September 2010 archive

How To Upgrade The Telstra HTC Desire To Froyo

EDIT: I have found a site from the makers that does exactly what I was trying to do, look here. OK, I’m impressed! These guys are getting good.  I’m still in the middle of doing this, really don’t want to break it!  I have done everything so far on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 …

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How To Make An Android Gold Card

UPDATE: Making a gold card is now not required to root/update your HTC Desire please see this post I’ve resently been given a program that creates the gold card in the most easiest way that I’ve seen. It was a process of HexEditing the card itself, but this program does it all for you. You …

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Happy Birthday To Me

31, wow, where does the years go. This is what the guys at work got up to for my birthday.  Yep, not a great shot.  It also doesn’t show my keyboard being wrapped in glad wrap and my phone handset wrapped in tin foil & plastic packing tape.  Fortunately a box cutter and a couple …

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What happens when you leave word press app on a company iPad with your blog signed up.

Hi all. Be careful when you leave an iPad around the office with word press app loaded. Someone might start posting random blogs about boring subjects like this on it. Go to 🙂