Why is the iPhone/iTunes so gay?

10 Apr

Seriously . . ..

I formatted my desktop computer a number of months ago.   Then a couple of weeks ago I brought my wife a sports iPod/iPhone arm band holder.  So I needed to load her 16GB up with music.  Something I haven’t done yet to date.  I had iTunes installed on the previous format to do firmware upgrades and upload some photos.

So format later and re-installation of iTunes.  I entered the apple id for my wife and went to do a sync.  Then it starts to explain that the device is connected to a different machine and the device needs to be wiped.  What the . . . doesn’t the apple id do anything.  That and it’s the same computer.

But that’s not the worst bit.  As I’ve got a file server which contains all my music I’ve tried importing all that music into iTunes but it never completes (ok, I’ve got a fair bit of music) so I copy the music I want onto the computer then have to import it into iTunes then sync it into the phone.  A process that takes 2~3 hours.  All of this could be done on my two year old Nokia E51 within 30 minutes.

One thing (of many) I hate about iTunes is you have to be limp wrested to use it.  Being I know a thing to two about computers, nothing (and I mean nothing) is where a normal people would expect things.  You plug you iPhone into your computer and it starts to automatically sync, the whole time your screaming at the screen because the option you need to change (or everything will be erased – outlook or iPhone) is hidden until you plug the iPhone in.

I’m happy to keep going but I won’t, after all.  Thanks to iPhone’s being such a hit everyone seams to think mac’s are the bee knees of computers and I’m going to need to support them now.  Looks like I need to waste my money on buying one.

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