Real Reasons Why The iPhone is Gay

10 Sep

May be just my opinion but

  1. The iPhone Hipe, it not a phone like every other mobile device out there. Everyone with one must call it an iPhone.
  2. Built in battery (burried deep into the guts of the phone, which makes it hard for an expert to release)
  3. No removable media, very handy sometimes.  Plus if you wipe your phone to lose everything compaired to a external memory phone all your photos are save.
  4. Poor home screen layout, folders make it better but still aweful to scroll through the hundreds of apps you may have.
  5. No flash support, even a 5 year old nokia can do that.
  6. Moving the cursor is a real pain at the best of times, with its magnifying glass.
  7. No MMS, and can’t forward SMS’s
  8. Interface with iTunes for everything, that must be done with a USB cable.
  9. Vibrates while on a call with it on your ear when you recieve an email. I mean what the!?! It knows it’s on your ear as the screen turns off.
  10. No flash on the camera and poor megapixel for other phones in the market
  11. Limited video codes and no ablilty it update them
  12. No bluetooth file transfer
  13. No voice dialing
  14. The delete key is so close to the button, it is so easy to accidently push, and there is no confirmation to the delete, it’s just gone!
  15. Speaker on the bottom of the phone, where you hold it!!
  16. Keyboard hard to enter passwords or etc.  you find your changing between keyboard screens way to much.
  17. Limited sounds, serious everyone has to put up with the same 6 tones for their messages. who knows whos phone when you’ve got 10 iPhone mates in a room.
  18. The mute switch is too accessible, if the phone is stolen ringing it to help find it is point less, as the person who stole it can silents it.
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