8 December 2017 archive

MJ-6709B Bluetooth Barcode Scanner User Manual

I was looking everywhere for this user manual online and it seems no one has it, so here is a link to my hosting of it. ftp://ftp.lanchbury.id.au/pub/support/MJ-6709B_BluetoothBarcodeScanner_UserManual_1200Horz.pdf.pdf ftp://ftp.lanchbury.id.au/pub/support/MJ-6709B_BluetoothBarcodeScanner_UserManual_1200Vert.pdf ftp://ftp.lanchbury.id.au/pub/support/MJ-6709B_BluetoothBarcodeScanner_UserManual_2400Vert.pdf.pdf Links edited with higher resolution versions after Alessandro comments below. Links edited again due to someone externally sharing my links (300-400MB per day of downloads), please …

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